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Om Oasis Fees 2022-23

Full Sound Bath:

A luminous and transformational journey inward this sound oasis nourishes your entire being. Rest and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit while being bathed in soothing sound frequencies. A variety of instruments which are powerful sound tools for balancing and raising your vibration. Rest comfortably as the brain downshifts to theta, almost asleep. While in this deep meditative state of consciousness the body responds with cellular equilibrium as the body’s intelligence reorganizes and attunes itself. The mind, body and heart connection are brought into a state of harmony. Expands the electromagnetic spectrum of the heart, like an emotional rinse for your soul. Pure bliss.

Private one on one:
$150 60 minutes
$200 90 minutes

$225 60 minutes
$300 90minutes

Small Group: (Max.8 ppl at Jolie’s home**)
$450 60 minutes
$600 90minutes

Soma Flow:
Combination of Guided Somatics Yoga with Sound Healing.

Find your flow and glow! A fusion of sound therapy and guided Somatics meditation with micro-movement sequencing. Pendiculation allows a release where stress and tension have built up in our soft tissue and cause muscle amnesia. Our daily stress and habits cause holding patterns that affect our posture and mobility. During Somatics Yoga we reawaken these areas and reprogram the holding patterns for improved mobility, realignment for more expansion, lengthening and softening. More ease and flow to the entire body and mind.

A variety of sound tools are utilized throughout the session placed on or around the body, during gentle movement and during the rest phase in between pendiculation sequences. Ending with Savasana and a luminous mini-sound bath. Feel rested and rejuvenated. Find your flow and glow!

Private one on one:
$85 75 minutes
$115 90 minutes

$150 75 minutes
$200 90 minutes

Small Group (Max.6ppl at Jolie’s Home**)
$390 75 minutes
$490 90minutes

Mind-body Balance Tune-up:

A customized one on one session that nourishes the physical body and balances the emotions bringing equilibrium to the mind-body-spirit vibrational essence. Promotes healthy sleep patterns, sharpens mental clarity and healthy brain function, calms the nervous system, promoting stress release and decreased inflammation allowing for pain reduction, clears and opens the Chinese meridians and brings balance to the chakras. Expands the electromagnetic spectrum of the heart whilst grounding the physical body, a re-set and a tune-up for your entire being.

Includes a combination of Healing Touch (Universal Life Force energy treatment) sound therapy, vibrational breathing techniques, application of essential oils and placement of crystals. Utilizing Ohm Therapeutics™️tuning forks on acupressure points, Crystal Tones™️alchemy bowls, Ohm Himalayan bowls, high quality essential oils and crystals. Other instruments such as Didgeridoo, Gaia Gongs, Hand Drum, Zaphir Chimes, Shamanic Seed Shakers, Ocean Drum and Rainstick may be incorporated into this customized session. Feel nurtured, energized and in harmony from the inside out.

$45 20 minutes
$65 30 minutes
$95 45 minutes
$125 60 minutes
$180 90 minutes

Essential Oil and Smudge Add-On $10:

Enhance your experience with an addition of Essential Oil(s) and/or a Sacred Smudge.

Bless, cleanse and purify your auric field. Support your personal and spiritual connection to Creator ,your Ancestors, your spirit guides/angels, your spirit animals, and to Gaia/Mother Earth.

Oil(s) and smudge to be determined at your session.

Oracle Card Add On $20:

Oracle cards are ancient mystical tools to support your soul journey and life path. Tune into your personal cosmic connection with Universal Flow, frequencies of Creator/Spirit, your subconscious and Divine Essence, your Ancestors, Angels, Spirit animals and spirit guides.

An oracle card reading is a sacred communion. Held with LOVE and the utmost respect for your personal beliefs. The space is created with pure loving intention for your highest good, wellness and soul expansion.

Choose from one deck or a combination of oracle card decks for your private reading.

Please note additional time will be allotted for a reading.

Tax included. Fees subject to change.
Pre-Payment via e-transfer is kindly requested to reserve your session. If Jolie is offering a mobile session there will be additional travel expenses depending on location.

Om Oasis Cancellation Policy: Respectively a minimum of 24 hours is required to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If a no show, the entire fee is non-refundable. If less than 24 hours notice cancellation a small fee may be incurred.

 Thank you for understanding.

** Maximum group size for this type of session at Jolie’s home however if group session is offered at another venue the price can be negotiable depending on group size. Thank you.